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Recreational Vehicle - Helpful Hints for First-time Buyers

Buying a recreational vehicle is a large investment, so first-time buyers should carefully consider some important factors in order to make a good decision. What are your needs? How much recreational vehicle do you need? What recreational vehicle can you afford? Use the following hints to help you narrow down your choices and chose wisely in your recreational vehicle purchase:

1. Motorized or Towable: These are the two basic types of recreational vehicle models. Motorized RVs can be classified by Class A ( a diesel or gas motor coach); Class B (camper van); and Class C (a smaller, miniature motor home on a truck or van chassis). Towable RVs are fifth wheels, toy haulers, tent trailers, and other misc. that must be towed behind a truck or SUV. Which of these is best for you? You should take time to actually get into a wide variety of sizes and recreational vehicle classes, since each has a very unique feel.

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2. New or Used recreational vehicle: There are both advantages and disadvantages to both of these kinds of motor homes. In brief, a new RV will come with a manufacturer's warranty, and you will have the option to customize the motor home to fit your needs. A used RV is beneficial in the price because you have the depreciation factor. If you are thinking about purchasing a motor home used, do some further research on what to look for in a used RV before settling.

3. Assess your situation: Think of size and cost. How many people will be traveling on the road with you? How long will you be traveling on a consistent basis? The prices will range considerably considering size, make, model, amenities, etc. Think about what you will require from living on the road before you purchase.

4. Basic features: Most motor home come with certain features, such as sleeping area, bath, kitchen, so if you are interested in something more luxurious, you will have to be prepared to invest extra money. Every type of RV will have various makes, models, and amenity opportunities for you to choose from. Do you want a full size refrigerator? Heated seating? Additional sleeping space? Etc.

5. Where to purchase: There are several ways for you to buy a motor home. There are dealerships, private sellers, and online dealers. Do research and cost compare prices, availability of different manufacturers, as well as financing options.

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